Marshall Square Park Tree Sculpture


In 2017, one of the oldest Red Oak trees in the park (approximately 150 years old) was noticed to be near death. One side of the tree was completely dead and the rest of the tree was in severe decline. The process of cutting the tree down was started in the winter and then halted; all that remained was a 25’ tall trunk without branches.  Instead of having the tree removed completely, The Friends of Marshall Square Park voted to hire a tree sculptor to carve the trunk so that the venerable old tree could remain in the park and become a fun feature for park visitors. Anne F. Walters led the project team and managed the project approvals and the artist’s work. The Borough of West Chester approved the project and Marty Long was hired to transform the tree trunk with a whimsical woodland theme; complete with woodland creatures such as two owls perched on top of the tree trunk, a skunk, racoons, foxes, flowers and a forest “gnome” looking out of a carved door. Children of all ages visit the tree sculpture, take pictures and enjoy the transformation.