Marshall Square Park Fountain


Sixteen years ago, the Friends of Marshall Square Park decided to re-create the original fountain that stood in the park in the late 1800’s. We were prepared to purchase a new one that looked similar to the original when we found that the original was still in existence in the area. Anne F. Walters serves as chair of the fountain committee, an all- volunteer group of dedicated committee members/residents that worked hard to raise all of the money required through private donations – approximately $200,000. We prepared plans and details for construction in coordination with Jeffrey C. Beitel Architects and worked with talented and devoted contractors and suppliers to transform the original fountain into a community gathering place and focal point as a gateway to West Chester. The project will continue into 2017 when Phase 2 (includes a brick walk, landing, bollards, signage and landscaping) will begin. Our donors made this project possible; the re-dedication of this beautiful fountain, returned to the Borough and citizens of West Chester – 60 years later.