Gladwyne Residence 1


awardWinner of the 2024 PA/DE Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects’s Honor Award for Residential Design


This private, secluded mid-century modern house features a stunning view from the back of the house to a wooded stream and distant stone bridge.  The landscape design reflects the simplicity and clean lines of the architecture and the owner’s contemporary furnishings.  The original plans, prepared in the 1950’s, influenced the layout of the lawn terrace, stone patio and planting beds.  The gravel entrance courtyard features a grove of River Birch trees set in a pattern of ferns.  A 6’ tall column of water is a focal point in the side garden, surprising visitors and sometimes the home owners, at regular half hour intervals.  The stream at the rear of the site is protected by an adjacent wildflower meadow which attracts birds and wildlife.